Ginseng Powder


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What’s Ginseng?

Ginseng is from a group of plant that contains about 12 genus Panax that belongs to the family Araliaceae. Panax is the same origin as “panacea” in Greek. Ginseng contains abundant formula that Thought to own functional attributes. Among all, Ginsenosides, that It’s different between ginseng kinds and also It’s different among the part of plant, It’s the most important and widespread kind of this breed. Most of medical attributes of ginseng imputed to polysaccharide and polyethylene.

Since 1960, Ginseng has been subjected of many scientific studies The variety of Ginseng’s medical attributes, presents that It has unique and complicated biological activities Ginseng can affect single cell’s metabolism and also every parts of body. Accordingly Ginseng affection mechanism is varied and mostly indeterminate.

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